Fairytales can come true if you believe…

Strangers at the door. Unannounced. Unexpected. I get the feeling it happens noch häufiger hier in Bocklehoma than anywhere else (other than perhaps in the Coggeshall Triangle where curious goings on are said to happen and if you have ever been to a boot sale in and around Coggeshall, I know, you know, what I’m talking about).

The bell rings. It’s one of those loud ones which sings its shrill song through the Haus on every floor and brings you out in a rash after 19hoo because you’re in the middle of the kids’ bedtime routine.

Who could it be? Surely the Postbote with a parcel for the Müllers? Maybe that eBay parcel is early? A lost old lady looking for Kutschgasse and urgently needing the toilet at a rather inconvenient 7.45 in the A.M. (it happened)? Zeugen Jehova’s leaving a Kopie of the Wachtturm on Das Wort Gottes? How about that lady that comes around in Frühling und Herbst collecting for the poor hungrige animals that are in the Zirkus up on Ollenhauerring? Or the man offering a hand-written Zettel requesting money for a sick child?

No. Not today. None of the above.

Today there is a nice lady beside an unmarked white van selling Obst and vegetables from a nearby Bauernhof. She smiles sweetly and wears a bandana pulling her soft curls back from her ruddy-sun weathered cheeks. Her eyes are friendly and in her hand she holds a frischen Apfel. And a knife.

Would I like to try some? I briefly wonder if it’s organic. Then politely decline.

Perhaps I should be making a few enquiries of my own, for example…  So you’ve tried it first then, from the green side? The not-poisoned half? And now I can try a piece from the red half? Just out of interest…

Niemals could I lay claim to being the fairest im Lande and I don’t have an entire seven dwarves to tidy up after, nor do I have blue birds that help me hang out the Wäsche…

No apples thanks. (Smile) Thanks, anyway. (Smile – not a smiley, just a sweet smile).

Here’s a coincidental Wiki Link to Coggeshall in case you are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coggeshall

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