Spielplatz Schande…Playground Blues

Have any of you been to the playground on the Ecke Kurt-Weill-Weg? You know the one with the two huge hills that are perfect for sledging down on the one sacred day of annual snowfall in Bocklahoma? Where Birgit found a discarded black String-Tanga next to the kids’ scooters by the bench?

Well it was a bit of a Baustelle for a while. They pulled out the graffiti-ed climbing frame at the back and the huge blue spinning disc- Drehscheibe of death as we affectionately call it – that launches you into Weltall if you have one kid running on it schnell enough.

For ages there was a fence and some gravel, and the promise of something shiny and paedogogisch sinnvoll to replace the old climbing frame. But…Big Bad Blue is back. That’s right. They dug up half the playground, left it bare for what seemed like an eternity (am I even allowed to write that without asking Calvin Klein?) for the children, and they put back old Big Bad Blue.

Is it part of a conspiracy to make parks and playgrounds less attractive in Cologne so people don’t use them? (Not that much of a conspiracy, as it did make the radio news.) Get rid of swings and climbing frames so people don’t loiter and use the playground as a boozing Zwischenstop on the way nach Hause?

I don’t know about y’all, but were you expecting something a little more pizzazz? Perhaps the Drehscheibe with a new customised paint job would have been a good start? Did Stadt Köln dept. of parks and recreation do their rounds, smell the weedy ambience of the teenagers kiffen im Gebüsch and think: Yes! Let’s put the old roundabout back in place because the youth in the Bock are so doped up they won’t even notice. Let the kids suffer because some young people and boozers have nowhere else to drink alcohol in public… sounds like a plan. Chuckle, chuckle, chortle.

Well we noticed. And you are just lucky that the sober kids love that danger disc and getting sand and gravel in their hair and jumping off but not clearing the edge in time to avoid getting some spinning child’s trainer straight in the face. Yeah. Love it they do.

It appears some locals took pity and dropped off a supermarket Einkaufs trolley! Yay!



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