Post-It Notes: Call for partners…

…ist jemand da?

Look at all this empty space.

A counter with a dedicated and friendly Deutsche Post employee processing packages at his own pace.

Does life get any more exciting than this!

Waiting in the post office queue. Watching the world go by. I make that common Thursday-morning shopping mistake – the Wochenmarkt is out in the Zentrum and so is half of the Bocklemünd und Mengenicher population.

The Schlange is practically out of the door. Moving steadily across the scuffed tiled floor, passed the once white, woodchip Tapete.

Empty walls where there once stood shelves full of folders, and paper and pens and glue-sticks. A dream if you love foraging for stationery supplies.

And now? Not a shelf in sight. Komplett empty. I could probably hear an echo if I shouted loudly enough.

Hallo Hallo Hallo Hallo Hallo

Ist anybody da…anybody da…anybody da…da….

Apparently not (aside from the queue of course). And why not?

Why doesn’t anybody want to come into Görlinger (pronounced Girl-in-ga) Zentrum and set up shop with the post office? You only have to apply and on acceptance complete a week-long training to expand your retail expertise…

And there are thousands of people in the village! A community to serve…elderly folk and families who need relevant amenities…

How about a children’s shoe shop with professional consultation to get the right size booties for your infants?

Or an organic supermarket with GM-free, fair-trade produce?

Or a family business, like a gift shop to replace the Schreibwarengeschäft and Firma Althaus?

How about an Alarmanlage provider? You know, the type of shop that would help you secure your apartment from burglaries? (Come on, that is a super Idee.)

Or why rent it to one of the local clubs like DJK, so they have a direct presence and space is being put to good use?

Surely I am not the only one who would prefer to see business flourish here instead of empty shop windows?

Surely nicht.

How about ein Bisschen decoration then? Get the local kids from the Kunterbunt Grundschule to design postage stamps and the top 10 get exhibited on the bare walls of the post office? An artist’s dream! (I cannot take credit for that idea, but it is a great one!)

I’m wondering who’s in charge hier…the local branch manager? The Bundesgesetz? The Deutsche Post? Is it an issue for our local councillor?

Fragen über Fragen, and who is there to answer them all…

What would you like to see fill the empty walls of the Post Office?

Two more people in front of me and then it’s finally my turn. On the plus side ‘Hunde müssen draussen warten’ and zum Glück there is room to park my bike in the corner of the shop. Bonus.


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