Bocklmemündlich just got schriftlich

From a German suburban in Bocklehoma.

Hi – nice to see you at my blog.

No I’m not German but I do live in German suburbia…where the grass is a little greener. Where the aroma of a Sunday afternoon Grillfest wafts through the air and where I often get a feeling that I am certainly not in Kansas anymore (admittedly, I’ve never been and I don’t have a dog named Toto and I don’t where my hair in Dorothy plaits, because that is just plain off for a grown woman of my age, looking my age to walk around like that, maybe even at Karneval). And where I decided to make the Bocklemündlich a little schriftlicher…

Read on for adventures and tales of woe and wonder in deepest, darkest Bocklehoma… and of course I’d be pleased to read your comments, too.

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